Proper care will both extend the life and improve the appearance of your item.

Most leathers need little in the way of conditioning products, but will benefit greatly from preventative care.

  • Keep items away from hard or sharp objects like keys and coins as much as possible. Leather can be dented, scratched, or the wear, in general, will be accelerated.
  • Brush debris off with a horsehair or goathair brush regularly to keep the leather clean.
  • Don’t bend folding items past 180 degrees. It can cause irreversible wrinkling around the fold.

For Wallets

  • Try to limit each card pocket to 1 card, and certainly don’t exceed 2. Larger pockets can accommodate more, but keeping it at around 4 cards or under is best. This will keep pressure off the seams and minimize stretching.
  • Don’t sit on your wallet. It is well known by now that this is not good for your back, but it’s also not good for your wallet or your cards. If you carry your wallet in your back pocket, I’d suggest switching it to your front pocket while sitting down.

Conditioning Products

In addition to the above tips, some leathers may benefit from conditioning products. Please see specific recommendations below.


A damp cloth may be used for cleaning the surface. Leather creams may be used sparingly if desired. Do not use more than once every few months. I recommend 1909 Crème de Luxe from Collonil or Crème 1925 from Saphir.


Do not use conditioning products on Pueblo until the leather is completely smooth. The time that takes depends on your usage of the item. Once that happens, a cream can be used if you wish, but note it may change the feel of the leather.

Smooth Vegetable Tanned Leathers (Dakota & Buttero)

These leathers take in oil from being handled, and do not specifically require conditioning products. I do think it is beneficial for the appearance if used sparingly (maybe once or twice a year). I recommend 1909 Crème de Luxe from Collonil or Crème 1925 from Saphir.


Creams are not required at any time in the product’s life and, in fact, may be detrimental the leather’s feel and appearance.

Shell Cordovan

Sparingly apply a cordovan-specific cream when desired and buff with a horsehair brush. I recommend the cream from Saphir.

Saffiano & Epsom

Clean with a damp cloth. You may very sparingly apply a cream if desired, but make sure to wait a little while before buffing to allow it to penetrate the surface.