Leather Showcase

Below are some of our products showcasing the various leathers we use. All are full grain, vegetable tanned cowhide from Italy. These are among the most renowned leathers in the world.

Badalassi Carlo

1. Pueblo

Pueblo’s beautiful vintage look is in part given by the slight roughing up of the surface. As it ages, the fibers compact giving it a beautiful sheen. Pueblo is one of the most popular leathers in the world for making high-end bespoke goods.

Tobacco Pueblo with white thread

Cognac Pueblo with ochre thread

Denim Pueblo exterior with off-white thread

Olive Pueblo with olive thread


Ortensia Pueblo with dark brown thread

Gray Pueblo with gray thread

Navy Pueblo with off-white thread

Yellow Pueblo with golden yellow thread

Black Pueblo with black thread

2. Wax

Wax is an otherwise traditional Italian leather, that is covered with wax, giving it a beautiful web of color variation. It is a pull-up leather that changes color as pressure is applied. 

Cognac wax with dark brown thread

Conceria Walpier


Buttero is a quintessential Italian leather. It is hugely popular among the very best craftsmen in the world. It is a firm veg tan that looks, feels, and smells wonderful.

Dark brown Buttero with off-white thread

Whiskey Buttero with beige thread

Burgundy Buttero with off-white thread

Orange Buttero with orange thread (exterior is denim Pueblo)

Natural Buttero with beige thread (exterior is dark red Art Deco)

Conceria La Bretagna

1. Art Deco

Art Deco is a milled leather making it soft, and the grain prominent. This leather has a beautiful luxurious feel, with a slightly glossy finish.

Dark Red Art Deco with dark brown thread


Conceria Capital

1. Art

Art is a medium firm leather with a slightly waxy feel. Its waxiness repels water well. It develops a beautiful sheen after some use.

Yellow Art with off-white thread


Navy Art with navy thread