Making a Shell Cordovan Watch Strap

Cut-out shows the black shell cordovan exterior, French calfskin lining, anti-stretch core, and buckle.

Cut-out shows the Japanese Shell Cordovan exterior, French calfskin lining, and anti-stretch core.

Anti-stretch fabric has been glued to the body and the ends have been skived.

Body, core, and lining all joined.

Trimmed to final size.

Stitching holes have been punched, as well as holes for the buckle.

Saddle Stitching

Finished Saddle Stitching

Inner crease line laid down

Ironing the first layer of paint

Laying down the second layer of paint after ironing and sanding.

Skiving the keeper ends to ready for joining.

A bit more painting and sanding, and it will be ready to assemble.

Almost finishd. I'll add some paint to the buckle holes, wax and buff the edges, and brush the cordovan.