New Leather Options!

After more than a year of working on this, I’m excited to announce new leather options are now live on the MTO pages!

Researching, testing, doing the legwork, taking photographs, writing descriptions, and getting everything onto the site was an enormous amount of work, but I’m really happy to have some fantastic new leather offerings.

If you want to skip to the descriptions of the leather, please visit this page.

The first new main leather is Sherpa, French buffalo calf, from Remy Carriat. I was looking for something nicely textured with good resistance to water and scratches and a large range of nice colors. Sherpa hits all the marks with flying colors. I’m quite pleased to have been able to add so many new colors opening up a wider range of great color combos.

Second is ‘Vono’, a traditionally pit-tanned cowhide from Japanese tannery, Tochigi. I had been looking for a replacement for the smooth Italian cowhides I’d been offering for some time, ‘Buttero’ and ‘Dakota’. While these are beautiful leathers, I find that they dent and scratch a bit too easily for my taste. I’ve found that Vono’s hard surface isn’t quite as susceptible, which leads to a more pleasing patina.

Next is Museum Calf, a famous leather from the footwear industry, that happens to work great for small leather goods as well. Its characterized by its beautiful mottled colors, which are intended to give it the ‘patina look’ that is sometimes performed on fine footwear.

Chèvre Crispé, Pueblo, and Shell Cordovan are still being offered. I’ve added and removed a few colors from the options.

I still have some stock of some of the previous offerings, which can still be selected on the product listings under ‘Other Leather’.

Lastly, I’ve added two of my favorite exotics, sharkskin and python to the MTO options for easier ordering. (Some crocodile options are also coming soon!).

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions/comments, as always, feel free to reach out!


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