Shell Cordovan Substitution


  • Substitute shell cordovan from Shinki-Hikaku or Leder Ogawa for the exterior of the item

    'Buttero' and 'Dakota' are the two smooth veg tans used, which are produced by neighboring tanneries in the Tuscany region in Italy. They have a medium-firm temper and matte finish. 

    Pueblo is a vegetable tanned leather from Italian tannery, Badalassi Carlo. It has a very pleasant rough feel that gives it its unique look. It will patina aggressively--the roughness turning into a lovely sheen within months of use. 

    Chèvre Crispé is a semi-aniline vegetable tanned goatskin from French tannery, Relma. Beautiful texture and vibrant colors make it easily the most luxurious option.

    Wax is a pull-up leather from the Badalassi Carlo Tannery in Italy. It's fully vegetable tanned and will develop lots of character with use.

  • Please select yes for: 1. Compact bifold 2. Vertical Bifold with a rear pocket addition

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