Wallet Customizations


    Standard font is limited to capital letters only (max 2 of the same letter). The old style font is smaller, but more expansive allowing for upper and lower case letters as well as numbers and symbols.

    Initials will be stamped in the inner bottom right corner for folding items and in the front bottom right corner for non-folding items, unless specified otherwise. For items with the mini pocket addition, initials will be stamped in the center.

    Please note that foil show may premature wear compared to the rest of the item.

    Please select this option for any non-Latin characters, like Chinese, Arabic, etc. A standard font & size will be chosen. If you wish for more control over the look, please choose the custom image option instead.

    Please upload a vector file or black-and-white jpg. Highly complex images are not be possible. Clearly defined lines work best. Alternatively, feel free to email the image to sales@leatherbound.ink at a later date.

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Customizations for wallet order

  1. Chocolate Waprolux & orange Lagun Minimalist Bifold (silver foil)
    1. Exterior +$10
    2. Pocket lining $39
    3. Subtotal $49
  2. Red Lizard & Natural Dakota Vertical Bifold (gold foil)
    1. Lizard exterior +$50
    2. Subtotal $50
  3. Purple Cordovan & Yellow Chevre Minimalist Bifold (silver foil)
    1. Ogawa shell exterior +$70
    2. Subtotal $70
  4. Graphite Fatnat & Electric Blue Minimalist Bifold (gold foil)
    1. Fatnat exterior +$25
    2. Subtotal $25
  5. All 4 wallets hot stamped ‘BoSager’ $32. Discount $16
    1. Subtotal $16
  6. Shipping by SF Express/FedEx included.

Customization total: $210

Applies to 3 minimalist bifolds & 1 vertical bifold

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