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6 months in

I commissioned Silas to use the patch of ortensia leather with the most contrast to match my Pelikan M805 Ocean Swirl fountain pen. True enough to his recommendation, 6 months in and the bifold has developed a great patina. Even with my rough handling of the wallet, the stitching has held up wonderfully and show no sign of fraying. Would gladly recommend to friends


Hot stamping looks fantastic. Very elegant and simple. Highly recommend.

Great bespoke service and fantastic quality product

I had been searching for somewhere to get a bespoke leather wallet made as a gift and this was just what I was looking for. The whole ordering process was easy and very personal and the final product was fantastic. Will definitely recommend to others! Thanks again.

Responsive and Quality-Oriented

Silas provided almost instant feedback to my customization request. When I received the product, it was as good as what it looks like on the website. Quality craftsmanship!

Very satisfied

The creator was very understanding and designed the wallet to my exact preferred specifications. The look and feel of the wallet is excellent. 10/10 will recommend to others.


Ordered one for my dad’s birthday. Wallet is perfect, monogramming looks great, stitching was flawless. This will be my go-to gift from now on.

Excellent quality wallet, bought it as a present for my dad. Props to the maker for answering my questions quickly and exactly producing my requested wallet.


This is a very well made wallet. Highly recommend if you’re alright with waiting 4-5 weeks for processing and delivery

Great Quality!

I’ve loved my wallet so far! I love the color scheme and material used and I even received compliments on my first day of using it. There was also a nice personal touch with a handwritten note in the package when I received it. Thank you!


I want to start off by saying Silas is running a horrible business practice, because the items he produces are BIFLs (Buy It For Life). If he keeps selling high quality items this affordable, he’ll run out of returning customers! I can see myself owning this wallet for years to come. It’s also beautifully handcrafted and I love showing it off to my peers. Please don’t ever close up shop!

Amazing service and amazing wallet

I’m not sure what I’m more impressed with, the product or the customer service. Incredible product, and I couldn’t be happier.

Fantastic job with the wallet and customization!

I had a fairly unique custom job for Silas and he exceeded expectations. He worked with me every step of the way and he turned out a fantastic product. Everyone who sees my wallet is not only surprised by the quality but the price as well. For a custom made product, the quality is amazing for the price. I will definitely order in the future if I ever have need for more goods and will recommend to all of my friends.


I ordered the 3 pocket version in Tobacco Pueblo and I must say it is beautiful. I have received many compliments since acquiring it, and find myself admiring it often. The leather and craftsmanship are both very high quality, especially at this price point.

I do note that it took 4 weeks to reach me after shipping, when I was expecting it in 1-2 weeks. Not the fault of Leatherbound, and I am still very satisfied with my purchase.

Very Satisfied

The quality of the wallet is something that I could have seen myself buying in the past years, but at this price it was something I had to try. I would normally buy bifolds but this wallet is doing the trick and it is doing it well.


This wallet is sexy

Very Helpful

I had a lot of questions and requests for pictures that Silas was kind enough to answer. He will also fulfill any customization requests to the best of his ability.

Although I needed a new wallet I didn’t expect to feel so oddly happy about in person. Really enjoy it’s construction and color choices.

Slim Bifold

For $40 this wallet feels absolutely worth it especially for something handmade. Can and will recommend to my friends and family.


Absolutely wonderful service, at a very competitive price. Leatherboundink was very helpful in choosing leather colours/combinations. Once ordered a clear waiting period was given, which was held to. The shipping was expedient. Product was flawless on arrival, I hope it lasts this way for a long time!

The wallet was exactly what

The wallet was exactly what I've been looking for for a while now, the quality is out of this world, I'm almost disappointed I won't need to buy anyone soon. Shipping was super fast from Taiwan to Canada too!

great wallet

love the money clip design! the blue & yellow combo turned out better than expected in person. Shipping came to canada within 2 weeks!

Excellent product & service

I found this product on a social media platform. The owner answered my questions quickly, and I was impressed with their products. It was the right time for me to spend more on a homemade, professional, and long-lasting wallet. I look forward to not having to get a new wallet every year or two for a long time to come!

Gorgeous quality passport cover and amazing communication with the owner.

I spent the last month or so looking to find a beautiful portfolio for my S.O. and ended up on Leatherbound. In that time, I've conversed with the Silas with over 20 emails. From our conversation, I can say that he is a professional, both with his quality craftsmanship and with his communication detailing suggestions and responding to the needs that I wanted for the portfolio.

While I finalize my order for a custom portfolio, I ordered two passport covers. One with a whisky buttero exterior and natural buttero interior and another in rose buttero exterior/interior. The quality is very high and amazing for the price point I have paid for. The rose buttero was also leather that was not in stock and custom ordered and was perfect for my S.O.

In the end, I'm glad I found this website and feel that products I received are at a quality and price point are in a league that is untouchable for a larger-scale leathermaker. They feel like they are made to last and each of ours feels so personable and unique.

Thanks for these one-of-a-kind passport holders. It gives me no excuse not to travel now!

Exactly what I needed

I asked Silas on reddit how they would recommend securing some keys to a wallet and they recommended something like this. At first I was a bit skeptical on the key hardware but I love it! Not only that but the quality of the wallet is just amazing!

Solid wallet

Well constructed from a good leather. Customization gives the wallet an edge compared to others at price point.

A work of art

This is the ultimate form of the 5-slot cardholder wallet. I love that you can see how it’s made on the blog, and it looks wonderful up close.

Cards stuck in the slots at first, but loosened up after removing and replacing a few times. The centre pocket opens fairly easily by pinching the sides. Comfortably holds my 5 cards and ~6 bills so far. Cards seem to bend outwards slightly regardless of how much or how little is in the centre pocket, but I expect the pockets will loosen up a bit with some wear.