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Outstanding wallet!

While searching the internet for Shinki shell cordovan, I stumbled upon this site and am so happy I did! Silas' creations are true works of art and I found that he pays great attention to details and is very easy to work with. I spec'd out my dream vertical bifold with purple Leder Ogawa interior and brown museum interior, and the resulting wallet is truly exquisite. I would recommend Leatherbound wallets without reservation.

Classic Bifold
Jacob Peters
Best Wallet ever

The wallet is far beyond my expectations, it's an amazing piece of craftsmanship and after 2 months of use it's the best wallet i've ever owned!
I definitely recommend these products for anybody who is looking for a handmade wallet, nothing can match Leatherbound's products

I don't think I'll be buying another wallet again

I think the title says it all. I do not believe that I'll need to buy another wallet again. The bifold I purchased from Leatherbound has a robust shell cordovan exterior in a rich red color. The stitching and overall construction is sturdy if not bulletproof and the inside is a contrasting gorgeous brown leather. It fits all of my cards with room to spare, and the hidden pockets are good for storing cash. So long as I don't lose this wallet or get it stolen, I hope to pass this one onto my kids.

Great quality

Love it! Great quality and using it as my daily wallet.


Good materials but cards keep slipping out

Another one of a kind

It would be enough for me to offer that Silas is the best at what he does, but the biggest compliment I can give is that I believe he is the only one doing it. He is offering the complete package. First and foremost the quality of his work is a lesson in excellence. Beyond that, what is so unique is how much attention to detail goes into every other aspect of the experience as well. That includes the website, the communication, the shipping, the packaging, etc. This is my second piece from Leatherbound, with two more on the way. I have had functional wallets in the past, but none matched up to my current custom wallet from Silas, which I have been using regularly for the last month. It gives me so much joy every time I handle. Don't hesitate to place your order, you will not be disappointed!

Passport Cover - Homerun!

My 3rd purchase from Silas and "consistent quality" should be in the name of the company. Given its shell cordovan and the high quality workmanship, I have no doubt I will pass this on to my son one day. And the color is unique usually only found on high-end brands, which this should be considered, without the extra cost or overboard branding. Take your time, work with Silas on what. you want and you'll end up with a handmade one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Minimalist Wallet - High Attention to Quality!

Silas continues to demonstrate why handmade items cannot be beat if you're looking for quality and attention to detail. Not to mention you'll have a luxury item for half the cost, yet just as good or better than the named brands. And is unique - one of a kind in the world.

Vertical Bifold
William On
Great work!

Love the quality of the build and materials. Could not be any better!

Minimalist Wallet
Michael Thompson
World class workmanship and materials

I bought a five pocket wallet in natural shell cordovan and natural thread, and I'm stunned with it. I have a collection of the finest hand crafted small leather goods, belts and wallets mainly, from Herve N., Hermes, Ottely, and several others. I have a good idea of what the highest level of quality looks like, and this wallet belongs with the very best I have. I'm not easily impressed, and have handled and rejected lots of supposed high quality stuff. This wallet would be a bargain at twice the price, in my opinion.

Quality Experience! Don't hesitate!

Silas is a true professional. Great communication from start to finish. Easy to work with on customization. The wallet is a premium product as far as material and craftsmanship. Great value for a one of a kind piece. The experience was a pleasure!

Love the craftmanship on my new wallet

Ordered a minimalist vertical wallet and it was done in 4 weeks! The craftmanship on the wallet is absolutely perfect - not a single stitch is off and the painted edges are also flawless (how is this possible?). I ordered it with Camel Shinki Cordovans and the color compliments very well with natural Chevre if you like a conservative color combination.

Thanks again Silas for this awesome wallet =)

Artisan’s quality

The overall quality is perfect and better than Berluti that I used to have. Thank you for your good material choice.

Vertical Bifold
Alex Blommestyn

Ordered the vertical bi-fold, came in exactly on time and was beautifully made. Very very happy.

Custom Minimalist Bifold

Premium handmade product using top leather materials. This will be on par with any high-end leather product, but better because it will be one-of-a-kind. Silas will also work with you to ensure you have the right color combinations to maintain a premium aesthetic. I just put in an order for 2 more items.

Minimalist Wallet
Raymond Kolling
Fantastic Quality!

I recently received my 5-pocket Minimalist Wallet in Museum Calfskin. I’m truly blown away with the incredible quality. Of course only the best materials are used.

However, the real tip-off that there is something really special about Silas’ work is the stitching along the edges. It is very tightly and uniformly done. To fully appreciate it, you should view it under a loupe - it is that good!

Obviously I’m extremely happy with this wallet - so much so that I already have another on order. This one will be in Shinki shell cordovan.

Vertical Bifold
Leyna Tran
Vertical Bifold

I purchased a vertical bifold for my partner after my brother recommended Leatherbound. I opted for black everything and couldn’t be more happy with my purchase. It’s well-crafted and minimalistic, but high quality. My partner loves it and we can’t wait to see how well it holds up as it gets used. Thank you Silas for the updates and the amazing final product.

P.S. My brothers wallet that he ordered 3 years ago is still going strong after everyday use.

Awesome craftsmanship

I bought a money clip wallet that was fully customized to my liking. The quality on this is amazing. Unlike anything I’ve ever had before. It’s simply fantastic. I’ve only had it for a limited time but the materials and assembly are the most premium I’ve owned. Silas was able to do a few minor tweaks to my liking which make it even more functional and to my liking. 100% will buy from him again in the future. Excellent communication and help selecting colors and design styles. Thanks!!

Minimalist Bifold
Christian Ramos
Beautiful wallet

This is one of the most beautiful wallets I’ve ever seen. The leather is such high quality. The craftsmanship is unmatched. You can tell Silas takes his time on each piece and caressing about his work. Will have to get another one for my dad

Long Wallet
Clarence Tan
Great workmanship as always

Second purchase and still satisfied!

Better than I expected

I’ve known that Silas would produce beautiful pieces based on his product photos and social media posts, but I was blown away by what he delivered. I custom-ordered a one-slot card sleeve with a thumb push out at the bottom. Everything turned out perfectly. It was done meticulously and with such attention to detail. A surprise treat was the packaging. My tiny card holder came in a two-piece black box and a luxurious dust bag bearing the Leatherbound brand. I will continue to support Silas and Leatherbound and have in fact ordered a few more pieces from him.

Minimalist Wallet
Jacob schnellinger

Minimalist Wallet

Minimalist Wallet
Kevin Zometa
The Best Wallet I Have Ever Owned!

Amazing craftsmanship and detail. Would highly recommend!

Long Wallet
Weixiang Wu

Long Wallet

Minimalist Wallet
diego soto

Minimalist Wallet