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Excellent Everyday Wallet

Building upon the great layout and organization of the Vertical Bifold, the Compact Bifold offers easier access to the hidden pockets as well as a fully-lined billfold slot that can hold all currencies! Clean stitching and burnished edges round out the beautiful burgundy and tan vegetable tanned leathers, making this piece as nice to look at and feel as it is to use. Silas helped answer all my questions throughout the design process and is able to talk through whatever ideas you have for the custom piece you’re interested in!

Absolutely Beautiful

This wallet is among the most beautiful items I own. I had a few questions regarding leather type and finish before ordering, and Silas did a great job answering them. He was communicative throughout the entire process from start to finish. I would gladly work with him again.

Vertical Bifold

Extremely well made and ultra-high quality materials. Excellent workmanship all around. Would buy any leather products from Leatherbound. Terrific company.

Amazing compact bifold

The leather quality is just unbelievable. Buttero is nice but the shell looks so much nicer creating a beautiful contrast

Absolutely amazing experience and product

My fiance is very picky. I wanted to get her a new wallet for her birthday, but I knew if I picked something off the shelf then it would inevitably have something that she didn't like. I messaged Silas about making a custom long-wallet for me, and the experience was fantastic. Silas explained different leather options to me and allowed me to pick everything - the color of the zipper teeth, the color of the zipper tape, the color of the thread, etc. The list goes on and on.
When I received the wallet and gave it to my fiance, she was overjoyed. It is a work of art. It clearly came from an incredibly skilled craftsman and will be a classic piece for her to own for the rest of her life.
I could not be more pleased with my experience with Leatherbound. I HIGHLY recommend giving them your business.


It really matches the wallet I also got from here! Looks good and feels good

Minimalist wallet

Love the wallet! Shipping pretty fast as well

Love it

Everything I didn’t know I wanted. Quality is perfection and the attention to detail is superb.

Customized Wallet

I cannot begin to say THANK YOU for your excellent service and for the amazing work you do. My son's wallet is gorgeous and like nothing we have ever seen. The quality of the design and materials are outstanding. Whenever I had a concern or worry, you took the time to respond to ALL my emails and put me at ease. Truly a work of art your service and workmanship are.

Thank you again.

Custom Cordovan bifold with coin pocket

I found Silas from the leathercraft community on reddit. Silas does not make any bifold wallets with a coin pocket but he was able to customise it for me. I just received it yesterday, the shipping was really fast! It took about 3 business days to Australia (sent on the 24th Dec and arrived on 30 Dec).

I had ordered the burgundy cordovan exterior with the rose buttero interior. I saw the rose buttero on Leatherbound’s Instagram page, the actual colour was slightly darker then the Instagram image but still complements the burgundy cordovan really well.

Silas is a brilliant leathercrafter, his stitches are perfect and all the edges are creased, beveled and burnished. It looks like a wallet you can buy from a luxury brand!

100% recommend and if I need any more wallets I wont hesitate to go back to Silas!

Incredible Classic Bifold

My new classic bifold in Chocolate Chevre and Tobacco Pueblo is a spectacular piece of art. The quality is superb and the craftsmanship looks and feels as if it will last forever.

I could not be more pleased with the suggestions that Silas provided as he helped me to decide on the colors and leather. Silas sent photos during the construction process. The final result is awesome.

Highly recommend. Go for it. You will not be disappointed. Order today.

Minimalist bifold

Saw a ready-made bifold in colors I really liked so I got it. Even if it wasn't custom, it’s still amazing!

Excellent Wallet

Had a really great experience purchasing a wallet from Silas. Would recommend messaging him if you are trying to decide between different color schemes and he'll be able to provide some add'l photos and point you in the right direction. Additionally, his communication is quick and he keeps you informed throughout the process so you know when to expect your product. You can definitely feel the quality of the wallet and leather once you receive it. Will 100% be buying from Silas again in the future.

These reviews don't lie, impressive wallet

- Quick to respond, easy to add custom options

- Beautiful construction and stitching

- Instagram full of color combinations, if you can't figure out what you like

- Shipped surprisingly fast for overseas, received within the week

Gorgeous wallet

The wallet looks absolutely stunning and gorgeous, you can really feel the quality and craftsmenship. It is just beautiful all around. I can highly recommend to anyone looking for a custom wallet to order from Silas, you will not regret it!

Modern Bifold

It looks amazing, surpassed my already lofty expectations! Silas was very good at updates and professionalism!

Beautiful and Well-Made

Thank you very much!!!!

Beautiful Shell Cordovan Wallet with a Lot of Attention to Detail

THE SHORT VERSION: This is my first shell cordovan wallet and I’m very happy with the beautiful minimalist bifold I received from Silas. He is an awesome leather artisan and I’m very impressed with the quality of his work and his attention to detail.

SHIPPING/BOX: After being shipped from Taiwan, I was provided a tracking number and the wallet arrived to California in about a week. It arrived in a black outer box sealed with a custom LEATHERBOUND sticker. Even the edges of the box were neatly sealed with strips of clear tape for more security on its voyage here. Upon opening the outer box (Ok, I ripped it open), an inner black gift box housed a custom gray pouch emblazoned with the LEATHERBOUND name. The pull strings on the pouch were of a soft silky material and were adorned with two wooden beads to cinch the pouch shut. I’m impressed already.

WALLET: The outer cordovan shell is blue in color and is from Leder Ogawa (Google them as it’s an interesting read). It is a smooth leather with an even dye. If I had to describe the blue, it would be like a combination of a navy and an electric blue. It may depend on the lighting on which hue you see. In terms of feel, honestly, as this is my first shell cordovan wallet, I wouldn’t be able to tell from feeling it that is comes from a horse. I’m sure with time it will break in nicely and will develop a nice patina. Both sides of the outer wallet has very detailed white stitching which is nice and tight. It appears that there was some beveling done so the stitching lays flatter into the leather. When searching for shell cordovan wallets, I compared the details of stitching to that of Silas’, and when doing so, you’ll notice the premium quality of Silas’ work. The outer edges of the wallet are treated to a smooth glass like finish joining the different layers of leather perfectly. Another way to describe it like running your fingers on a smooth piece of lacquered wood.

The inner wallet is a natural brown color from Badalassi Carlo, which is an Italian veg tan leather. When seeing the color online, I felt that it was a perfect color combination for the Leder Ogawa blue. The inner leather has a slightly rougher feel to it. It’s still smooth, but I only say slightly rougher when you’re comparing it to the outer shell cordovan. Again, the white stitching for the inner wallet is well done, including where the stitching meets in the corners. It’s hard to describe but the individual stitching has almost an angled pattern to it, which I love.

The card pockets are nicely done with nice trim detail (beveling) on the edges of the pockets. This is a detail that I rarely found when I was browsing other shell cordovan wallets. It’s a subtle detail that is noticed and greatly appreciated.

Within one of the pockets was a black LEATHERBOUND heavy stock business card with the writing in an elegant gold foil. On the back, Silas hand wrote a personal message thanking me for my purchase. I much prefer this thoughtful gesture than other online purchases I’ve made that only included a printed receipt of my order.

Overall, I’m very impressed with the quality of leather and the workmanship. I have no doubt that this wallet will last me a long time and I plan on using it as my every day carry to develop a nice patina. Admittedly, I haven’t used it yet because I still want to enjoy the newness and that leather smell. ☺

HOW I FOUND LEATHERBOUND: I was searching for cordovan wallets for a few weeks and I didn’t want to spend too much for my first one. I compared wallets on many different sites focusing mostly on a handmade option from a non chain store. Interestingly, I came across LEATHBOUND.INK on Reddit of all places. I saw his work and when visiting his website, I liked how I could see detailed pictures of his craftsmanship and I probably watched his Youtube videos several dozen times.

My current or soon to be former every day carry wallet is an epi leather bifold from a luxury brand store. As it was a gift from my fiancée, I didn’t want to wear down the leather too much so I wanted to find an alternative. My wallet before that was a handmade Horween Chomexcel three slot wallet that started to develop a nice patina in the four years I used it. That wallet though was too thick because of the type of leather and so this shell cordovan is a perfect blend of elegance, pocketabilty (I’m sure that’s a real word), durability, and patina potential. To me, this wallet is versatile enough to go casually with jeans or dressed up in slacks. I’m looking forward to using this wallet after I get a few more new leather sniffs in. Thanks again Silas!

Shell cordovan vertical bifold

I’m very pleased with how the wallet turn out. Would recommend Silas workmanship and professionalism to everyone.


I absolutely love the wallet, I think I'll order again as a gift for my dad

Minimalist Bifold Wallet A+++

I stumbled on Leatherbound by chance and was taken captive on the various materials/colours of leather that were available to choose from. Silas was wonderful to talk to. He would answer questions quickly and would be acceptable to provide any changes on your wallet as you like. The construction and quality of the leather of the wallet to the stitching and burnishing of the edges were the best I have ever seen. It’s an amazingly constructed wallet that will last me a life time. I will definitely purchase more wallets in the future. Thanks Silas.

Looks + Function

This wallet is exactly what I was looking for. Quality and customer service are top notch. I'm honestly already thinking about getting another product.

Beautiful, thank you!

Vertical Bifold

Amazing wallet!! Beautiful wallet!! Will definitely order another

Classic Bifold