Leatherbound Lifetime Warranty

I have great confidence in the materials and construction of my products and expect them to provide many years of service.

If any products should prove defective, I will repair or replace it. Full details below.

What is covered?

This warranty covers any defects in the workmanship or material in the course of normal use. Leatherbound will repair or replace products (clearance products excluded) that have been proven to be defective due to defects in workmanship or improper material.

What is the duration of the warranty?

A warranty claim can be made at any time your product is still in use.

What is not covered?

This warranty does not cover:

How to obtain warranty service?

If you think your product is eligible for repair or replacement, contact Leatherbound via website or email, by visiting leatherbound.ink or sending an email to support@leatherbound.ink. You should state the issue clearly and include a picture if possible.

What Leatherbound will do:

Assuming the product is eligible for warranty service, I will either send a replacement or request you send the product by mail, which will be repaired and returned to you. Return instructions will be provided at that time. If less than one year has elapsed since the purchase date, Leatherbound will cover the postage charges each way. If a year or more has elapsed since the purchase date, the customer is responsible for the shipping charges.