Product Card Capacity Cash Capacity Front Pocket Friendly Price
3 Pocket Minimalist Wallet 6 ~5 folded bills Yes $85.00
5 Pocket Minimalist Wallet 7 ~5 folded bills Yes $99.00
Minimalist Bifold 12 ~10 folded bills Yes $139.00
Vertical Bifold 12 ~10 folded bills Yes $149.00
Money Clip Wallet 12 ~30 bills Yes $159.00
Compact Bifold 14 ~20 bills Yes $179.00
Classic Bifold 14 ~20 bills Yes $199.00
Long Wallet 12+ ~50 bills No $249.00

Listed capacities are a rough guide to help you choose a suitable wallet. If no wallet suits your desired carry, I’d be happy to discuss making a custom wallet for you. If you need further recommendations, feel free to contact me.

Note: Cards and cash compete for space in many of the wallet designs, so carrying at or near capacity for both cards and cash simultaneously won’t be possible.